Valet Stand JAMES by BAUMONDI Interior

New concept and design. Revival of meaning and function.

German Design Award


Centuries ago the silent servant was available for its owner and his guests, being polite but not too intrusive. In the entrance hall, the master bedroom, the office, hotel suite or on the private yacht, JAMES is the perfect companion for the modern man of the world. James, with his unique design, high quality materials and precise manufacturing represents comfort, quality and luxury. JAMES is a timeless, loyal companion and a servant for the generations.


Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Industry project
Industry project
Monaco Yachtshow 2017
Monaco Yachtshow 2017
Fashion store Milano
Fashion store Milano
Creative head ideas for a Valet Stand
Creative head ideas for a Valet Stand


JAMES is a silent servant and a collector’s design piece which perfectly complements the Gentleman’s environment. His design reflects an athlete’s body with a strong mind. JAMES presents himself as timeless and durable and will be passed from generation to generation.

A gentleman is magnanimous, generous, straightforward and never talks about his tailor.

A dandy can never be a vulgar man, being a Dandy is a condition rather than a profession.

A king or a lord can be made by men, a gentleman can only be made by spirit.

A true businessman ist a composition of a dancer and a calculator.

It was pride that turned angelst o devils, it is humility that makes men as angels.

Waste no more time arguing about how a perfect gentleman should behave. Be one.


The design concept allows for individual configuration of each JAMES, following the personal preferences and interests of his future owner. A Precise manufacturing process and hand-made finishing of finest materials creates a unique combination of functionality and design.

JAMES CLASSIC Our main model

Today’s gentleman dresses himself with care to demonstrate his modern mindset. Tailored suits made from best Italian fabrics, custom made shirts and shoes are part of his daily outfit. JAMES CLASSIC is a perfect match to this exceptional style.


The Dandy is a character of its own. He knows exactly what he wants and tends to polarize his environment. While reading the literature of the world and grooming his intellect he also maintains his Instagram account daily. JAMES DANDY is the perfect companion to a man of this caliber.


The casual man’s preferred jeans may have holes and his designer sneakers may look weathered but these are part of his casual style. His outfit is simple with a touch of sex-appeal. JAMES CASUAL reflects this mindset and presents himself in a relaxed way with high-tech applications.


The business man’s world is the global metropoles and his work defines his lifestyle. He demands perfection and quality and honors their value. A straight forward mindset and a clear focus on the essentials are most important for the business man. JAMES BUSINESS.


Der Mann baut sich sein Männerschloss.
Man’s Castle

The modern man lives his dream. Not only in his daily business, but also in his free time. His favourite place to escape to, is his “man cave”, a man’s castle with special added value: No rules and no compromises.

German Design Award Ausstellung in der Frankfurter Messe.
Proud Winner: German Design Award 2018

Every year the prestigious German Design Award is bestowed by the German Design Council. This year, among the thousands of applications, a special winner has been chosen: JAMES, by Baumondi Interior.

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