Beef Filet

Air blasts into the blazing charcoal, feeding fresh flames into the flaring embers. Expertly the connoisseur checks the heat on the grill. As the air is vigorously dancing, it is finally time: Bring the meat! But not any meat – the best is just fairly good enough! Real men don’t do sausage feasts   – Beef is the supreme discipline. And only a beef filet is worthy of a king. And real men – of course – all are kings.

Premium cut.

The filet is the best cut of beef. About the size of your forearm, it runs left and right of the spine down the lower back. Your trusted butcher will work with surgical precision to prepare only the finest cuts. Varying not only in taste and composition: Depending on placement of the cut, they are called T-Bone, Porterhouse, Filet Mignon and Tenderloin. At least in English – because only the American United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) awards the prestigious hallmarks of excellence. Decisive are cultivation conditions, marbling (amount and texture of fat) and – of course – taste. Making the USDA seal of approvement a representative guarantee of quality. A trip to the States may still not be a necessity on your royal quest for a supreme steak. Premium beef can be found pretty much everywhere. And many regions have developed their very own distinct finesse of filet!

  • Verführerische 500g: T-Bone Steak für echten Bärenhunger.
    Verführerische 500g: T-Bone Steak für echten Bärenhunger.

World trip.

Some examples? France was always famous for its culinary creations – Beef Tartare is one of them. And probably one of the most amazing! A tender piece of filet is finely minced by hand and served with egg yolk, finely cut onions and chives, capers, spicy Dijon mustard, Ketchup, garlic, salt and pepper. Spooned onto a piece of fresh garlic-baguette Beef Tartare is a raw revelation of taste. Vegetarians might argue, but who cares, really. Also the neighbouring lands of Italy have fallen for the (raw) taste of meat, serving a Beef Carpaccio as Apperitivo: extremely thin slices of beef filet are prepared with fresh green basil pesto, parmeggiano, olive oil and Italian white bread. Dolce Gusto! Far up northern Europe, famous names find their homes: From the highlands of Scotland comes the Angus Beef. Intense flavours and its dark reddish-brown colour made this particular breed famous all over the globe. Gourmets will find Angus beef especially minced into selected beef burgers. What brings the trip somewhat back to America: The land of burgers, smokers and grills. Like nowhere else, BBQ is a celebrated art form here – with whole food festivals being held to feast on filets and the like. Each year gathering thousands of hungry souls to indulge in their carnal desires: A vegetarian’s nightmare. Whoever nevertheless prefers to indulge within a more private circle of selected connoisseurs will find salvation in Argentina. Beef has ancient tradition here, with beefs living biological, healthy and happy lives. And you can taste that: Traditionally straight of the campfire, under a sparkling night sky. And at a price of about nine Euro for a kilo beef,  it is an utterly affordable taste of freedom.

  • Rare, medium oder well done: Beef Filet für jeden Geschmack - auf den Punkt gebracht.
    Rare, medium, well done: Beef Filet für jeden Geschmack - auf den Punkt gebracht.

Haute Cuisine.

Whoever is looking for divine perfection, the holy grail of Beef Filet so to speak, will have to travel to Japan. A long trip to the other end of the world, where the legendary Kobe Waygu Beef is bred. An extraordinary breed of cattle, world famous for its unique quality and character. This delicacy is appreciated for unmatched taste, fine marbling and unbelievable tenderness. The fat of this special breed melts at very low temperatures, allowing an especially gentle cooking process, while keeping the filet incredibly juicy and tender. Naturally this extraordinary filet-experience has its price: A proud 800 Euro for a kilo.

Filet & Friends.

At your backyard BBQ or travelling the world. Raw or barely touched by the flame. Rare, medium or well done. It all comes down to personal taste, and there is – of course – no accounting for taste. That beef filet is a truly kingly experience of taste – only Vegetarians might argue. And sharing with some like-minded friends, makes the argument obsolete. Because a good king is a fair king – sharing with the other kings. Especially at the grill.

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