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Schritt für Schritt zum Meisterwerk.

12 Oct: Mastercrafted shoes

Whoever enters the workshop Ed Meier in Munich, is immediately welcomed by the signature smell of leather and wax. It is here, where since 1596 shoemakers have been hand-crafting shoes for generations.

Rolex JAMES Baumondi

09 Sep: Global Currency: ROLEX

Swiss watches by Rolex have already become an urban legend, an epitome for luxury wrapped around your wrist. But what makes a Rolex so very special? Rolex has history. Tradition as an icon of helvetian craftsmanship and manufactured perfection.


28 Jul: The men and the sea.

“I want you to be my skipper”, the American informed the cuban fisher, “my first order is, that you drink whiskey with me. And the second, that we immediately start fishing in the gulf.” The american was Ernest Hemingway, the cuban fisher Gregorio Fuentes.