Valet Stand JAMES by BAUMONDI Interior

New concept and design.
Revival of meaning and function.


JAMES is a silent servant and a collector’s design piece which perfectly complements the Gentleman’s environment. His design reflects an athlete’s body with a strong mind. JAMES presents himself as timeless and durable and will be passed from generation to generation.

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JAMES CLASSIC | black & gold


Each JAMES will come with its individual head. A variety of colors and surface finishing makes each JAMES unique.


Quality handmade cloth hangers, matching your individualised JAMES are available upon request. Every JAMES comes standard with one hanger.


High gloss coated wooden components in a variety of colors support the solid appearance of JAMES. A custom-made carbon finishing is available as well.


JAMES’s functional design allows for a flexible positioning of the trays. High quality hand-made surface finishing, finest leather inlays and aluminum applications characterize these functional components.


Solid brushed metal components in gold, silver or black are the back-bone of JAMES.


JAMES CLASSIC | black & gold

Customer project. Individual.
  • Each James is individually calculated based on your wishes regarding materials, finishes and quantities.
  • Matching your James Design, we also supply hangers. The quantity is variable.
  • Special custom designs, other than those presented on our website, are available on request.
  • Delivery time: 6-12 weeks, depending on the configuration.

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