Five Stars - The most exclusive hotels in Europe.

There is a lot of places to stay in the world. Europe is always a good choice. But where to  set up your base of operations? Where to rest, to sleep, to dine? Where to find peace and recovery? Hotels are one option. And wisely chosen, it is by far the finest. Five selected accommodations for your bucket list.

Hotel de Crillon.

Excessive, maybe. Exquisite, definitely. Over four (!) years of renovations later, the Hotel de Crillon re-opens it’s doors with pomp and circumstance – suitable and fitting, noting less,  for the historic royal palace with it’s rich classic facade and noble architecture. The Rosewood-Group put a proud 200 millions into the renovations of the luxury hotel at Place de la Concorde, they say. Karl Lagerfeld designed two of the exclusive 46 luxury suites – because you asked. One of these Lagerfeld accommodations even features an oversized photography of his cat, Choupette. Because in Paris, Karl can.


“Very nice, needs renovation”, a Mister M. stated via online review platform. That was three years ago. Now, all is new inside the old housing: Gleneagles, the luxurious hotel in between Perth and Stirling got a facelift and aged a couple of decades. Sue the surgeon, one might demand. But wait, the new American Bar shines with a subtle splendour of the golden twenties, the Auchterarder 70 in the legendary Dorm Clubhouse serves homemade Craft Beer and Scottish flair – nostalgia to get comfortably lost in. Embedded between two golf courses and countless moorhens the premise adds even more to Scottish lifestyle: Golf and shooting. Exercise, fresh air and the inevitable starving will be thoughtfully compensated by Andrew Fairlie, the only two-star chef in Scotland. Without a doubt – and without a facelift (yet) – an utterly tasteful choice.

  • Hotel de Crillon in Paris.
    Hotel de Crillon in Paris. Mit ausgewählten Suiten von Karl Lagerfeld.


Once in a lifetime, you have to see Venice. Once you need to enjoy a Bellini at a cosy rooftop bar, overlooking the Canal Grande. Once you should have fed the pigeons at St.Mark’s square. Once, at least, you have to fall in love. For best results, do it in the city of lagoons and islands, do it in Venice. Do it within the splendour of Danieli, and its exclusive five-star accomodations. Just around the corner of Piazza San Marco, the hotel Danieli still resembles all the wonderful 15th century glory Familia Dandolo built it for back in the day. Prominent chandeliers crown the ceilings with cascades of Murano glass, and massive columns frame the marble arcades around antique Persian carpets in the lobby. The rooms? A Venetian poem in romantic detail. Countless names honoured the halls of Danieli: Goethe, Wagner, Charles Dickens, Lord Byron Marcel Proust and Honore de Balzac. Just to name a few. Just follow the fame.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay.

The first five-star hotel to honour the Balearic hippie-island. Not any hotel, and not the usual neither. After the fabulous Nobu Shoreditch Hotel in London, it is the second of its exclusive kind in Europe. So after a couple of rainy days around London’s trendy spot, you can casually check into Nobu Hotel Ibiza in the magnificent Bay of Talamanca and have yourself taken care for with a selection of noble Nobu sushi. Grand sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa is eponymous for both, hotel and menu – serving delicious creations at any (party-)time,  when floating around the pool or relaxing in the privacy of a de-luxe suite. Exclusive accomodations, service and style account for Ibiza’s fancy new hotspot for jet- and trendsetters. Six Senses Spa wellness for the morning after is – of course – complimentary.

  • Das Orania in Berlin.
    Das Orania in Berlin. Crosskitchen Kulinarik in Bayrischem Schlossflair.

Orania Berlin.

Dietmar Müller-Ellmau is a restless character, that much is clear since the G7-summit was hosted by Castle Elmau at the foot of Wetterstein mountain near Krün in Bavaria, Germany. That the tireless expertise of its host now stretches out into fancy Kreuzberg, Berlin, is far less renown. In September the Orania Berlin celebrated its grand opening and is all about experience – resemblant of the Bavarian castle, paired with urban understatement. Star-chef Phillip Vogel serves thoughtful cross-kitchen creations at Orania Restaurant, Orania Concerts enchant guests with fine piano and jazz assembles. And the rooms in the legendary Orania Palace? Luxurious resemblances of Castle Elmau, of course. And then, there is one more thing… Berlin. An experience per se: From Kreuzberg hipster venues into the museums and all-weekend clubs – contrasts are Berlin’s special charm. And charming it indeed is. Just like Orania. Just like Berlin.