Der Mann baut sich sein Männerschloss.
Man’s Castle

The modern man lives his dream. Not only in his daily business, but also in his free time. His favourite place to escape to, is his “man cave”, a man’s castle with special added value: No rules and no compromises.

German Design Award Ausstellung in der Frankfurter Messe.
Proud Winner: German Design Award 2018

Every year the prestigious German Design Award is bestowed by the German Design Council. This year, among the thousands of applications, a special winner has been chosen: JAMES, by Baumondi Interior.

Crypto Currency Bitcoin: based on complex mathematics.

Bitcoin – the new digital money of our time. Anonymous, secure and without institutional control. The story of crypto currencies seems to have only just begun.

Richtig heiß ist gerade warm genug: Feuer frei!

Beef Filet – the steak worthy of a king. But one filet is not like the other: A trip around the world and it’s national variations of filet.

Postkartenidylle im Winterwonderland Aspen.
Snow Supreme

Winter is here. And snow is too. Time to hit the slopes! But where is the perfect place to powder? Comparing two supreme spots, we are looking for an answer.

In liebevoller Handarbeit werden die edlen Teeblätter verlesen und getrocknet.

“To drink tea is to forget the noise of the world.” – Following tea culture from the emperor’s palace of ancient China to British afternoon tea tradition.

Ein Diener mit Tablett

The worlds first silent servant is a golden boy. The history of the valet stand from ancient Rome to the contemporary interpretations of our time.

Frauscher Boote Anlegestelle am Traunsee
Boatyard Frauscher

Austrian boatyard Frauscher is one of the leading manufacturers of design-motorboats. Founded and captained by two brothers, the production is set to only about 80 boats per year – and that with great success.

Cruise the coastline with timeless elegance and vintage flair.
Vintage road trip

During an exclusive trip through southern France and Italy, one can experience Europe’s signature slower-paced lifestyle in mediterranean atmosphere. All behind the wheel of a vintage car.

Schritt für Schritt zum Meisterwerk.
Mastercrafted shoes

Whoever enters the workshop Ed Meier in Munich, is immediately welcomed by the signature smell of leather and wax. It is here, where since 1596 shoemakers have been hand-crafting shoes for generations.

Whiskey – Water of Life

We probably owe the Celts a good debt of gratitude. Because, a good thousand years ago, they learned the art of distillation from the ancient Romans – and brought it to Scotland.

Rolex JAMES Baumondi
Global Currency: ROLEX

Swiss watches by Rolex have already become an urban legend, an epitome for luxury wrapped around your wrist. But what makes a Rolex so very special? Rolex has history. Tradition as an icon of helvetian craftsmanship and manufactured perfection.