Customers who have special individual requests regarding the materials are also welcome. In addition to the design proposals presented by us, there is the possibility to order a gentleman’s servant in almost every material version. In the implementation we cooperate with an internationally acclaimed company from Weinstadt in Germany, the company BERND KUSSMAUL GmbH. (www.bernd-kussmaul-gmbh.de)

We offer the customer of JAMES Individual a deep understanding of how to handle highly sensitive and rare materials, using a proven network of manufacturing specialists, being precise and punctual.

From the first qualified discussion through to shipping of JAMES in a customized packaging, you have an excellent partner by your side.

Whether prototype, one-of-a-kind or small series – with quality awareness and passion, we develop and manage handcrafted one-offs or complex series productions with our unique network of manufacturing specialists. A partnership-based, long-term customer relationship is important to us – we will do our utmost to maintain and maintain these values ​​with confidence always open for a communicative exchange. (Kussmaul GmbH)

We at BAUMONDI Interior are proud to have such an experienced and recognized production partner in the world of customization  by our side.