Man's Castle

This article was kindly made available for BAUMONDI by a private guest author.


The modern gentleman enjoys a life in style. He is always dressed in the appropriate custom made business suits or casual jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. He travels the world, visits the “In Places” at the Hot Spots of the global metropoles and the top vacation places. He drives sports cars and SUVs and owns several vintage watches. His home is usually modern style, tastefully  decorated by is attractive and creative wife, with everything matching and located at its dedicated place. Perfect – but maybe a little bit too perfect for a man who wants to do men’s stuff, live the dreams of his youth – all things which normally do not fit into a perfectly decorated home. The only escape a man might find in such a perfect environment is the garage: full of cars, tools, garden equipment and all the stuff his wife  does not want to have in the house anymore.

The visions of architects, interior designers and ambitious wives usually compose everything to make a home spacey, modern, comfortable and full of the latest technology. Unfortunately those designs do rarely include the visions and dreams of a man looking for a peaceful retreat. The tastefully decorated home would be perfectly complemented by a man-only room: “The Man’s Castle”. A place where he puts his things the way he wants, at the places he decides, with no involvement of his perfect wife at all.

  • Qualmende Reifen bei einer Sportwagen Leistungsschau.
    Männer lieben Sportwagen und alles was dazu gehört.

King of my castle.

Now, how should a Man’s castle look like? What needs to be in it? There is no one-size-fits-all, standard design, standard color solution. A man’s castle is a mirror of individual taste, dreams and preferences, and could therefore be found in many different locations, sizes, styles and decorations. But here are some reminders & memories of what could fit the place: a table soccer game – remember those many games you had with your buddies when you were young, a jukebox, playing romantic songs in your favourite pub when you started dating girls, the flipper table, that drove you crazy and  did not let you win the points you needed to become #1 and which made you showing up late to lessons or appointments many times, a giant TV where you can watch all your favourite sports events and action movies without your wife asking for switching to Sex in the City, an oversized GE fridge stuffed with beer and coke and not one single can of healthy smoothies or fruit juices in it, a private bar with all your favourite whiskies, gins, old rums  and other spirits as well as the necessary professional cocktail mixing equipment, a luxury humidor filled with the best Cuban Cigars  and finally a fine set of old English leather chairs to wind down, relax and enjoy all the man’s things in your private man’s castle. Almost perfect and like heaven – only one thing to add to your personal configuration: JAMES by BAUMONDI, the gentlemen’s assistant. To place your favourite jacket, jeans, watches and other personal belongings.

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