Mastercrafted shoes

The shoe masterpiece.

Whoever enters the workshop Ed Meier in Munich, is immediately welcomed by the signature smell of leather and wax. It is here, where since 1596 shoemakers have been hand-crafting shoes for generations. Making the shoe manufacturing company from Munich the oldest in the world. Maybe it would thus be more suitable to be calling the workshops “ateliers”. For the shoes here have ever been, and still are, genuine craftsmanship. Precisely why you find the masters behind mountains of leather, rulers, hammers, nails, needles and tough yarn working on their masterpieces. Each pair of shoes is custom made by measure. An utterly effortful tradition, well worth the struggle. Already through the course of the late middle ages the shoe manufacturing company of Ed Meier gained reputation for exceptional quality: providing even the Saxon and Bavarian royalty with custom made footwear. With shoes ‘for every occasion and usage”: back in the day even via mail order and horse-carriage delivery!

Traditionelle Herstellungsmethoden für einzigartige Qualität.

Shoes for people.

A lot has changed since then – kept up with the times, and got modernised. But still, shoes from Ed Meier are still crafted by hand, after the old, traditional manufacturing techniques. And so every foot that sets step into the famous workshops, will be precisely measured and examined: because no foot is like the other. Experience and precision are essential criteria for successful shoemakers. Ed Meier goes an extra mile to prevent pinching: using a special “pedoscope” to examine the foot inside the shoe and find the perfect fit. After taking measures, the shoemaker master’s hands waltz down long rows of wooden foot models in countless shapes and sizes. Already in the middle ages Ed Meier was known for storing a client’s model for decades. So that another pair of perfect-fit shoes could easily be ordered by the mockup. Of course the patron saint of British gentleman’s wardrobe, Prince Charles, knows all about the amenities of custom-made footwear: the royal foot is tailored in timeless black Oxfords. Since 1971, at the very same shoemakers in St.James. Even the pope wears shoes made by measure: proudly provided by Prada. For over a hundred years.

Masterpiece: Step by step.

Making shoes by measure is hard and heavy work. Depending on the personal customer preferences the leather can be up to a few millimetres thick and accordingly tough. This is where the master wields his hammer to work the leather around the wood foot model on his workbench. It is a special spectacle to watch the old crafts work. Leather gets beaten, holes get punched, rivets get studded, each sole sewn-welted stitch by stitch. Frequently the master halts for a scrutinising look at a small detail. Again and again his hand gently stroking over the work in progress. Step by step transforming into an extraordinary piece of footwear.

The evolution of a shoe is long and laborious. Depending on the model and specifications it can take up to several weeks to finish a pair. Where individuality is a custom, people care well for custom specifications. Beginning with the choice of leather and ending with the choice of shoelaces and shoe-care products. Smooth or velours leather, in all imaginable colours, from cattle to kangaroo, and from snake to crocodile: Individuality has all the possibilities. At your trusted shoemaker, your feet feel fabulous: not only because Ed Meier got his signature “Peduform”-fit patented.

Brush and wax.

Who chooses a master-class shoe, takes on a choice for life. Because with the right upkeep maintenance and some taking care, an Ed Meier shoe lasts a lifetime. Leather is a natural product and needs appropriate handling. During the cold months the shoes get waxed and impregnated against wetness and salt stains. The wax also keeps the shoes soft and smooth, so the leather doesn’t get brittle or even fissured. Should the shoes still need some repairs, pay your trusted shoemaker a visit for some professional service.

Professionelle Schuhpflege von Meisterhand.

Step up.

A perfectly fitting shoe is not just a pleasure to wear, but a sophisticated fashion statement. Each detail makes up to a personal style and adds to the appearance. Because a gentleman is only true from top to bottom. And a sovereign appearance renownedly starts with the first step. And that is better taken confident and with a perfect fit.

Who decides to get an Ed Meier masterpiece in Munich City, can have his personal pair – to this day – delivered via horse carriage. A loving homage to the ancient traditions and a statement for exceptional quality and style.

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