In liebevoller Handarbeit werden die edlen Teeblätter verlesen und getrocknet.


“To drink tea is to forget the noise of the world.” – Following tea culture from the emperor’s palace of ancient China to British afternoon tea tradition.

Frauscher Boote Anlegestelle am Traunsee

26 Oct: Boatyard Frauscher

Austrian boatyard Frauscher is one of the leading manufacturers of design-motorboats. Founded and captained by two brothers, the production is set to only about 80 boats per year – and that with great success.

Schritt für Schritt zum Meisterwerk.

12 Oct: Mastercrafted shoes

Whoever enters the workshop Ed Meier in Munich, is immediately welcomed by the signature smell of leather and wax. It is here, where since 1596 shoemakers have been hand-crafting shoes for generations.