Do you know the following situation? A round, important birthday of a gentleman who basically owns “all” personal accessories and lifestyle gadgets, giving what is consistent, useful, and fun with design.

In the search for beauty pragmatism accompanies me constantly. My husband’s birthday was that situation and the basic reason for the development of a modern gentleman’s assistant a Valet Stand, called JAMES.

A businessman who lives in constant change between home office, taxi, plane, airport, company office, conferences and meetings. In addition, there is the need on the healthy diet, time for sports and maintaining friendships. Just too much to do everything correctly and on time. Not yet mentioned is the management of their own wardrobe. The suit and fresh shirt for the next working day hangs in the closet, the belt in a drawer, socks still in the laundry room and the cufflinks lie in a leather tray in the bathroom. Key is in the entrance area of the house and the charger is at the desk of the office on the 2 floor. It would be a dream every man everything in one place and always to find. A gentleman assistant, called valet stand and mute servant old-fashioned is what he needs.

My love of Italian design guided me to Florence, where I realized my idea for such a product in cooperation with an interior design studio. After many months felt with the exchange of drafts, various drawings, statics calculations, material selection, form corrections and renderings, a unique object was created that combines function and art. From the beginning as a design guide I had in mind a stable Postur of a man with his strong back. The head in it’s natural size should become a trademark.

In collaboration with STUDIO10 ( we have developed two designs of a modern gentlemen’s servant (Valet Stand English, Servomuto Italian): JAMES and JOHN.

JAMES, in its more symmetrical and orderly formed, has already been implemented in production, where as JOHN, which reflects an asymmetrical extravagant free spirit, currently exists as a study and design idea.

Please see here the first renderings and some spontaneous pictures from the development phase with Roberto Baccioni fromSTUDIO10 in Florence.