Vintage Road Trip

The radio of the vintage Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Cabrio is broadcasting a local French music station. The low autumn sun is close to the horizon. It is a warm, colourful sunset: Painting the sky over the French Riviera in pastel orange and pink. Slowly the car pulls into a luxurious driveway, it has reached it’s destination: the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. A first-class five-star Four Seasons Hotel. Later, the car will be taking its passengers down to a small restaurant near the lighthouse, for a thoughtful creation of dishes – prepared by a Michelin-star chef.

  • "You have reached your residence for the night, sir."
    "You have reached your residence for the night, sir."

Exclusive trinity.

It is just one in a series of selected destinations on an exclusive road trip across France and Italy. Destinations thoughtfully put together by a dedicated personal Concierge, solely responsible for assembling the trip. A trip that takes passengers to Florence, Milano and Cap-Ferrat. Three prestigious destinations, each offering its guests an exclusive Four Seasons Hotel with luxurious accommodations and service. Cruise from one hotel to the other, or visit all three, the length of the trip, and each stay, is all up to personal preference.

Vintage flair.

During this exclusive trip through southern France and Italy, one can experience Europe’s signature slower-paced lifestyle in mediterranean atmosphere. All behind the wheel of a vintage car: choose a 1960 Giulietta Spider, a 1958 Mercedes-Benz 190 Sl Cabrio or a Porsche 356A Speedster as your chariot. Enveloped in vintage glamour, the car of choice will take you to Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Four Seasons Hotel Milano or the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat. Embark on an unforgettable driving experience with style and class – in a vintage car classic.

  • The 1960 Giulietta Spider, one of three exclusive vintage cars to choose.
    The famous 1960 Giulietta Spider: One of three timeless vintage cars to choose.

Stop and go.

Take the road towards the next hotel of your choosing – stopping at shops, restaurants and landmarks wherever the mood strikes: architecture detours in Florence, stylish sojours in Milan or Michelin-star cuisine dining at the French Riviera. Visit Modena to sample some of Italy’s finest balsamic vinegar, or taste the much-admired ham of Parma. Stroll the markets of Monaco or enjoy an original Italian Espresso, marvelling at Florence’s famous Duomo. Your car, your trip, your stop: whenever, wherever.

Full service.

Travel with comfort and enjoy the peace of mind of Four Seasons service: Accompanied by a personal driver in a separate car. At your service for navigation, travel recommendations and any personal requests. Always accessible on a two-way radio, your driver is on call for roadside assistance, guidance and valet parking at each stop along the way. Car wash and refill service included. Or for the short break inbetween: have a Four Seasons chef prepare an exclusive picnic for each leg of the trip. The full Four Season feel good service: readily at your disposal.

Yes to all.

Drink in all that Italy and the French Riviera have to offer during this thoughtfully assembled road trip experience. Answer that call to live in the moment, and indulge what the French call “la joie de vivre” and the Italians “la dolce vita”: the joy of life. Experience the famous French cuisine, take a stroll through the mesmerising town squares of Florence or go for a shopping tour at Milan’s most fashionable boutiques. Hence, follow the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen’s advice, that only “To travel is to live.”

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